Anhui Sunsing Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Phthalocyanine Blue B
    Dyestuff index Code: C.I.Pigment Blue 15(74160)
    Molecular formula: It is blue power. It's olive green in concentrated sulphuric acid.
    Quality Norm: Index the standard of Q/SS03-2002
    Outword appearance
    Blue Powder
    Color Light
    Similar to standard product
    Dye-up take
    1005(standard product)
    Moisture Content
    Nondissoived matter
    Oil absorption
    Speciffic item
    Used: It is widely used in coloring of paints, printing ink, plastics and synthetic fiber oringinal liquid of culture & education.
    Package: In 20kg iron drum. cardboard drum or paper pocythene mixedbag.